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December 22, 2015 • Employability, Skills Development

Employability security in SMEs and Startups and how to keep professional skills updated?

When a company interviews many candidates with experience and rejects them, there is a subtle message that comes out. Some of these experienced resources are literally unemployable to the jobs that they have applied as they lack “employability skills”.
The two major skills that every employee should develop for employability security are
1. Continuous Learning
2. Continuous Improvement.
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October 13, 2015 • IT Jobs

Switching job for money after an year and its impact on my future career?

There is a simple rule that you need to follow.

Job Change is not a big thing if you are being looked for “Operational”, “Maintenance” and “Repetitive” Jobs.
And frequent job changes automatically make you suitable for such jobs.

A typical stay by any fresh graduate in a company in US is 5 to 8 years ( An American). But US is an advanced country and educated people have no problem maintaining their life style with their entry level industry standard jobs.
But in India we have more responsibilities and the tendency of poor and middle class people is to jump jobs for money or other reasons.

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October 5, 2015 • IT Jobs

high standard of living and a good work-life balance – Is it achievable in todays world ?

The simplest solution for this is looking and settling for “Operational” roles.
You get lot of jobs which are purely “Operational” – meaning once you get into the job it is routine not too much of variation in the short to mid term.

A Bank executive, he/she comes to office on time and goes back once office hours are over. And with in the context of the office, he/she does his job well continuously improving.

There are many such jobs which require excellence in doing that job but due to its operational nature, it forces you to go home every day on time.

The job by nature can make your work/life balance tick.

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September 21, 2015 • Learning

Why is reading so important to programmers?

IT is continuously changing. With newer and newer devices coming up everyday, technology lifespan has come down drastically. Since every programmer is supposed to program in the latest technology and his work has to be useful on the newer devices, programmer does not have fixed curriculum  on reading.

The curriculum of a programmer is never ending reading list. And if he keeps quiet on reading for 3 months he might have to struggle hard to catch up.

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September 15, 2015 • Learning

Technology companies and learning new skills on the job?

This question becomes irrelevant if you want to work on technology.

If you want to work on latest technology you need to acquire the skills first. Only bars on your acquired skill and you capability to learn you will get an opportunity to work on best technologies.

And if you want to learn based on the opportunity company provides, you are out of question for that company.

Employers look to use your skills and not train you or facilitate you to learn. However for a learned and skilled person employers provide opportunists to become experts in that skill.

And definitely in today’s world the employees are expected to learn on their own before companies can give opportunities to use those skills.

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September 12, 2015 • IT Jobs

Can India produce world class IT product companies with its claim of great coders ?

Early Stage Resources in Indian IT Industry
Indian IT Industry started very good about 2 decades back, When large companies like Infosys, Wipro and TCS used to hire only IIT toppers and NIT/REC Toppers.  I am from NIT Warangal and not even allowed to write Infosys written test as I dont have their cutoff 70% Marks. And during the early 90s and late 90s most of the IT companies were doing hard core development work and the bench mark for Engineers was very high.

During those days IT industry
a) was a highest paying new  industry and
b) most of the Engineers are from high ranking colleges or toppers from other colleges.
c) Employees used to stay longer in the companies. Even now Wipro kind of companies have employees who have been working for more than 10 years.

That is one of the reasons the initial companies that have set up in India were hard core product development and R&D centers.
IBM Global Services was one of the highest paid companies doing R&D in the initial days. Wipro Global R&D is a special division that has very high recruitment standards very early in life. Infosys never used to take less than 70% consistent scoring grads even from NITs.
And companies like Verifone, CyberCash, Intel, Philips etc all have their core R&D / Product Development out of Bangalore.

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September 11, 2015 • Skills Development

How to prepare for joining a software company as fresh engineering graduate?

Software Engineer job is a continuous race against technology if you are in development work.
First understand whether your software engineer job is “software development” job or “software maintenance” job.
If it is software maintenance job, you should not worry too much as there will be enough or more than enough spoon feeding training before you are on the job. On top of that there may be less work for the time you are spending except a few times in a year.

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August 18, 2015 • IT Jobs

Why are today’s freshers leaving jobs so early even from reputed MNCs?

There are two types of people leaving jobs.
1. Those who leave the jobs and go back to their home town and try to settle down in the area they like it. – These are the people who did not like their job or stress or something that is not helping them get motivated in their work place.
THIS IS A VERY RARE COMMODITY. I have seen only 5 such people in my known circle of influence spread over a period of 15 years in IT.

2. Those who leave jobs just because they could not understand what is meant by work and also they have another easy opportunity out there.
This crowd’s thinking is a little bit different. If there are not jobs outside for them they would not have quit saying “I did not like the job”.

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August 18, 2015 • IT Jobs

How do I restart my career after getting terminated from my job ?

Sometimes you can be better by giving the exact reason.
Companies appreciate you being honest on your exit with the past company if the reason is that simple. And you can convince them the reason if they verify with your old company. If your termination is for watching banned sites within the company etc it might be difficult.
But given the situation you will be better off by giving the same reason you have been terminated for and convincing them that you will take the companies policies as sacrosanct from now on.

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August 17, 2015 • Employability

Hobby, Interest and Entertainment – Differentiating for Employability

“Sometimes my thoughts appear to be radical and offending to some people. I agree that difference of opinion exists and I will move on”
My basic education was in my mother tongue. My mother tongue is not English. So this blog may not be syntactically great.
As part of my long career in IT and as an Entrepreneur I have seen few hundred resumes that I was forced to screen and recruit. I see lot of youngsters from India cut and paste their resume from other resumes and sometime fill certain un wanted information into the resume. Lot of times that information conveys the interviewing person about candidate’s innocence or lack of common sense.

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