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Swetha Manjaly

Hi, I’m Swetha Manjaly, a first-year BSc student at Christ University. I had the chance to do an internship in the second semester as part of my course. Luckily, I got a chance to do this at SimpleSkills in Bangalore where I learned to work on Odoo and SugarCRM applications.

At SimpleSkills, I had an amazing experience and learned a lot from industry experts. I got to see how they interact with clients, use CRM and software applications, and get results. The trainers were very helpful and provided us with guidance and support, which helped us develop new skills that will be useful in the future.

The internship at SimpleSkills helped me understand the basics of ethics and professional conduct in an organization. I am grateful for the opportunity and believe that it will have a positive impact on my career opportunities in the future. I have learned new skills that will be beneficial, and the lessons I learned during this internship will help me develop a strong work ethic and professional conduct in the years to come.


Six reasons to join SimpleSkills Program

Fundamentals Driven

We understand the industry needs and act as the bridge between the IT Industry and the job seeker. We impart precisely those skills that IT Companies desperately need.

Industry Ready

In depth training and practice is provided in the currently in demand hard core coding and development skills. They do for 6 months what a software developer does after getting the job.

Technology + Domain

Success in industry is not just coding but also a fair understanding of the domain such as CRM and Marketing. We ensure the learners gain reasonable familiarity in industry domains besides coding.

Articulation Focussed

The much needed and often ignored articulation and communication skills are polished through a series of reading, writing, grammar, comprehension and presentation sessions.

Intensive Training

We simulate a workplace environment for students by providing intensive training in coding and articulation that greatly enhances their confidence levels in interviews.

Industry Experienced Tutors

The founders of SimpleSkills are the tutors who have been successfully operating in the software development arena for decades now helping IT industry grow.

Learner Testimonials


Hi, I’m Vipin, a 2nd-year ECE student from Christ University  in Bangalore. I completed a 2-month academic internship at SimpleSkills in Bangalore, where I received training on SugarCRM and Odoo modules. I learned how to create modules in various applications using administrative tools, and I also developed HTML pages while coding in Python for projects. This experience gave me hands-on exposure to real-time applications and enhanced my skills and knowledge.

Overall, the internship was a great opportunity for me to learn and grow professionally. The trainers were very supportive and provided guidance that helped me to develop my skills further. I believe that the experience and knowledge I gained during the internship will be useful for my future career opportunities.

Vipin Eldose

Simpleskills Successful intern

Our Team

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Basu Dean Learning
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The above program schedule is the core program that will be customised for different tracks.

SimpleSkills Bangalore LearnRight Approach

With SimpleSkills LearnRight Approach Become Interview Worthy, Job Worthy and Success Worthy

With SimpleSkills LearnRight Approach Become Interview Worthy, Job Worthy and Success Worthy. SimpleSkills imparts an ideal combination of the requisite hard and soft skills to help learners land excellent jobs and have fabulous careers. LearnRight is a unique, industry-oriented approach that empowers jobseekers with holistic competencies that ensure their success in securing a job and succeeding in the professional workspace.

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Even if you have the best scores in your engineering degree, you may land up in an operational job or support role, if you do not have the hard skills required for the IT job.

At SimpleSkills we understand that many graduates and engineers aspire to become professional software developers. They face challenges because the engineering colleges provide basic skills but don’t teach the specialized skills required for the IT jobs.
As a result, many of these graduates find themselves stuck in operational jobs and support roles rather than their aspired software development career path. The issue is more prominent in Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineering colleges as skill development resources are not available for the students, to avoid these obstacles the students and graduates need to make extra effort to enquire these skills before it impacts them during the recruitment
We have over two decades of experience in hiring fresh graduates from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities that enabled us to build a structured framework for equipping these engineers with coding skills, domain skills and communication
Our structured framework offers a simple but practical solution for acquiring these skills under the guidance of software developers and enables them to land in their aspiring software development jobs.

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