Code of Conduct

This code of conduct explains our expectations for participants during and after our program. This also explains the steps you need to take to report unacceptable behaviour from others. Anyone who violates this code of conduct will be not accepted in this program.

Code of Conduct

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Be friendly, welcoming and patient

We do not discriminate anyone based on caste, creed, region, religion or political association. We welcome and support all background and identities. So be welcoming, friend and patient.

Being professional

You are here to acquire programming skills that are required to become a software professional. Before you become a programmer, be a professional. Conduct yourself professionally, Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down your colleagues or other participants.

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring learning environment for all and expect our code of conduct to be honoured.

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Be considerate and respectful

Your work and your communication will be used by others. And you depend on others work and communication. So any decision and act you take has an impact on other users and colleagues. So be considerate while taking decisions about this.
Not all of us agree all the time. Differences of opinion is part and parcel of the game. So disagreement is not an excuse for poor behaviour and poor manners. You may experience some frustration now and then but professionalism is all about not converting that into personal attack. So be respectful to others whether you have agreement with them or disagreement with them. Make “being respectful” as a way of life rather than a choice or exception.

Harassment at workplace includes, but not limited to the following

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Reporting issues

If you experience or witness unacceptable behavior or have any other concerns, please report it by contacting us via
All such reports will be handled with discretion and confidentiality.
In your report please include the following.

  • Your Contact Information.
  • Names of individuals involved.
  • Incident and any other related information you can share.

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