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SimpleSkills Bengaluru Curious to know about our logo

The Struggle of Fresh Engineers in Getting Job

SimpleSkills is an idea that originated with the experience of recruiting hundreds of fresh engineers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and grooming them to be productive software professionals. We used to visit many colleges and used to conduct tests, interviews for 100s of students to just give offer for 2 to 4 people. We always tried to hire at least one more candidate if he qualifies in any of the areas a fresher is expected to perform. But we always used to return with very few candidates or no candidates at all.

Some of the observations we have made about the candidates are


They used to come to interview by just knowing only the name of the company and they know nothing about the company.


They used to write so much in the resume and they know nothing about whatever is there in the resume. Mostly they cautiously copy from another resume and change the Name and other information.


Most of them keep going to one interview after another interview getting rejected and without knowing for what reasons they are being rejected.


Even though companies are very clear about what kind of skills and candidates they are looking for, candidates are not even aware and many of them never made an attempt to know.

Academic Culture vs Corporate Culture

The gap between candidates expectations vs company expectations is never addressed by the academic infrastructure as it is not their forte of competence. For the candidates who have joined also, It used to take an year to understand that academic culture and corporate culture is entirely different. This is the reason they used to struggle by going to this interview and that interview and try to get the job based on luck.

Fledgling Way

The struggle of the candidate reflects that of a fledgling trying to learn flying. It goes here and falls there and flies a bit and falls again and tries in one direction and hits an obstruction and then again tries in another direction.

The Owl Way

Focus and Stealth

The owl identifies its target and reaches it directly without making any sound. Its wings are designed in such a way that during the flight, the sound is minimised so that it can listen to the sound of prey. At SimpleSkills the technology and domain is identified well in advanced and focused on mastering them rather than trying on more interviews.

360 Degree View

The owl’s head rotates 270 degrees on both sides, giving it a 360-degree view. The SimpleSkills programme looks at the three dimensions of the company’s requirements: programming and coding, domain knowledge, and communication skills.

Listening and Applying

An owl has good listening capacity and calculates distances based on the signals it receives. SimpleSkills has designed a unique framework of reading, comprehension, and articulation systems that improve communication skills that help in getting the job that is aimed for.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Curious to know about our logo

The owl symbol is incorporated into our logo, along with the graduation hat, to represent how we help graduates and groom them in the owl's way. The pencil symbolises that we start from scratch for those who have never programmed before.


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