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Our expertise in skilling engineers comes from our experience of hiring and grooming many fresh

SimpleSkills is a company in software development industry for over two decade. As a professional company we interviewed 100s of graduates desperately looking for simple skills that enable us to bring them into a professional life.
We have seen many students who come to apply for positions with our company, as well as with other companies. They are offered jobs, and a significant number of them go back home without employment. They often do not know what went wrong or how to gain the ability to obtain their next opportunity. They may be unclear about the meaning of skill and how to acquire it, as well as about hard skills in demand and soft skills needed to attain them.
As a company we know what skills and attitude we are looking for but this knowledge of corporate culture is not available in academic culture. SimpleSkills is an attempt to bring corporate skills to fresh graduates and ensure they get a job of their choice instead of a job that is forced.

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Our Team

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Chief Branding Officer

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Dean Learning

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 Marketing Executive

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SimpleSkills Bengaluru Facilitator



SimpleSkills Bengaluru Facilitator



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We partner with a variety of companies to fulfill
their recruitment needs.

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SimpleSkills is producing outcome driven tech skills and knowledge to improve employability among engineering students and graduates. Comprehensive program is designed, executed and delivered by IT software professionals rather than academicians and trainers.

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