What are the skills that a startup looks for in freshers to hire them?

Lot of times there is confusion among freshers and employees what is it like working in a startup. I worked in a startup for 4 years before starting on my own. I was the 12th employee when I joined and the company was 44 employee company when I left.
Startsups can be two types, one that is funded and another that is not funded.
Whether a startup is funded or not funded, there are a few skills that they expect.

1. Ability to Learn at Jet Speed:

Startups typically work on an idea. And everyone senior or junior needs to figure out how to convert that idea into an application or process. And there is no defined path that you can think through.
So whether it is technology or domain, you should learn at Jet Speed to know how to do it. And not only how to do it, but the best way to do it technically and usability wise. In these scenarios, your timing may not work well. So official work timings like I will login at 8:30AM and logout at 6;30PM and catch my bus may not work.
And since the seniors are also in the same type of environment, they may not have time to tell you what to do, rather they will be very comfortable if you have done your own research and learning and show them something that they can see and believe.

2. Forget Training / Teaching – Only Reading / Learning and Experimenting:

A fresher should completely forget the words Training and Teaching to sustain the speed. You should inculcate a habit of reading things much faster and also experimenting on how to use the things that you have learned instead of how to tell what you have learned.
Indian Education system is all about how to read or listen to the teacher and reproduce it. But here you should quickly experiment or figure out where whatever you read is applicable and see how to apply and quickly confirm that application is correct.

3. Learn more about the domain you are in:

Traditional big companies give you detailed specifications to code and also intense guidelines on how to code. But in Startups there wont be any person who can convert a prospective idea into a detailed specification. So you are expected to know the details and that requires extensive study in the domain side.
So you need to have the habit of learning the domain faster along with the technology so that you don’t do simple and silly mistakes when you deliver your work.
And when you are developing an idea there wont be any one who gives you the specifications / requirements. It is the team that comes out with the features that you need to develop and everyone is expected to come out with ideas.

So all in all “Intense Learning” is the only skill that you require.

4. Sense of Urgency:

For every work that is given, it is not like a project manager will plan and give you time with buffer, But life is all about accepting the fact that your manager is expecting you to deliver things yesterday after informing you today.
They are expecting you to proactively think that he may require something and be ready with it so that they can make faster decisions and move ahead.

5. Ability to Stay Longer in the Company:

Since they are expecting highly skilled people, and developing them is a challenge, startups may want you to have a staying power and emotionally stronger than other companies where there is always a back up.
In real startups every day is like an exam day where everyone is busy and trying to cover the syllabus overnight. At the same time you do not know how many months this sense of urgency continues.
The above may not be applicable for companies that are creating startup kind of environment.

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