Why Yanam should be an Engineering Graduates destination to become Job Ready?

Why Yanam should be an Engineering Graduates destination to become Job Ready ?

SimpleSkills is a Learning Academy. It is designed for giving job ready skills for fresh engineering graduates with intense corporate environment.

We have seen many graduate engineers move to cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad  for career opportunities immediately after finishing their graduation. They move because, they do not have job opportunities coming to them once they graduate. They do not have job opportunities in rural and semi urban areas. So the only way to get a job is to move to cities if they can afford.

Cost of Training in Cities

When you reach Hyderabad you have three choices for your food and accommodation,

1. You have a good relative who can provide you accommodation and food OR

2. You have a friend or group of friends who are already working and have decent accommodation to share with you. OR

3. You need to pay and stay in a Paying Guest accommodation.

Job Trials in Cities

And for getting the job, you have some choices too

1. You have a good friend or reference who can pass your resume to multiple companies and get you an entry to attend the interview and NOT THE JOB.

2. You keep checking if any open drives happening in the locality so that you can test your talent in getting the job OR you can test your luck.

3. Join in training institute and wait for the next drive or interview.

Challenges Fresh Grads face in Cities

When compared with a student living in a college there are few things that have changed which generally we do not realise.

1. In College you have lot of space for reading and concentrating. But we might have mis-used it. In Cities, Paying Guest (PG) accommodation will not have any space for reading and concentrating but you keep paying money month on month.

A typical paying guest accommodation may cost anywhere between Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 per month. If you pay more you may get good accommodation but you may not have a learning environment. A learning environment is something where everyone is trying to learn something and also has facilities if you are stuck.

2. In Colleges you have less number of candidates competing with you for jobs in the campus drives. But once you are in cities, too many people competing for the same jobs. You may not realise this when you are in college. But the ground reality is there is too much of competition.

3. The institute that you have joined might be at a distance and you face the challenge of spending your time, money and energy in city travel which indirectly impacts your stress levels. You may be paying a 10K or 15K Per the course which is spread around 2 to 3 months. And the class may be for 1 hour or 2 hours but the time and money you spend for travel will be same.

4. The training institute is a mass facility as it is in a city and also narrowly focussed on finishing the course on time. And the trainer who is working in a company may be able to explain very well and better than your professor. But you will realise listening to that training and preparing for the exams may not improve your chances of getting a job.

5. Most of the candidates have spent 4 years in Engineering college. Now suddenly thinking that by spending for 2 to 3 hours per day for 3 times a week in training institutes improves your chances of getting a job is really an innocent thought.

From the experience of recruiting and working with many fresh graduates as a software professional and as an entrepreneur, becoming job ready is full time exercise. You need to spend at least for 6 months to one year with complete concentration on acquiring job ready skills. During this full time effort you need to concentrate on hard engineering and programming skills and not interview answering skills.

Learning is not Training

If you have interest in Singing, when a new lyric or song enters the entertainment field, you have tendency to learn that lyric. But when you are trying to catch it and practice it, you tend to do that in a bathroom or where no one is watching you.

Whey do people practice in a secluded place when they are learning anything new!

But once you practice enough you want to come out and demonstrate it.

So for learning skills, you need an environment where no one is watching you. It is preferable that no known person is watching you when you are learning. When you are away from known persons, you can concentrate for longer hours.

You need to interact and work with people who are also trying to get into job and not with people who are already in job.

Yanam for learning and job readiness

That is what Yanam is meant for concentrating more and facilitating an environment where a person’s capabilities can be explored and sharpened by intense concentration and practice.

Interested to know more – Call us or Visit our Office to experience the joy of learning skills.

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