Three Reasons why Web Development is a Better Career option than Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Big Data and Data Analytics

Many fresh graduates and engineering students wonder if new buzzwords like “machine learning”, “deep learning”, “big data”, and “data analytics” are better than a career in web development. These new technologies are very important and also pay very well. But is it a better career choice for engineering students and graduate engineers who are coming out of Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineering colleges? I feel Tier 1 includes the IITs, NITs, and a few other reputed colleges.

I will provide five very good reasons why web development is a better choice than the latest buzzwords for all the graduates who are looking for their first job offer.

Web development has the greatest supply of jobs

Websites and web presence are the new norms. Every new and old company, whether a one-man company or a 1,000-person company, needs a web presence and web applications. The demand for web developers is huge when compared with the new technologies. The web developer’s job is not going to become obsolete in the near future unless someone is killing the internet. If a new company is born, it needs a website, and if a company has an old website, it needs to be converted to a responsive website. Job opportunities are too huge to ignore. whereas machine learning, deep learning, and big data jobs are much less common and also have a high bar for recruitment.

The entry barrier for web development careers is low

Since every small company and big company needs a website, and most of them may be using a web application or customizing a web application, jobs exist everywhere. So when small and big companies are looking for web developers, there is a high chance that they take fresh graduates and experiment with their low-end work and teach deeper skills on the job.

whereas machine learning, deep learning, and other specialized technologies necessitate specialized skill sets and are only available through companies working on these technologies. It is not a common thing in the IT sector that every company is looking for machine learning developers, and those that are looking for these developers might have specific important projects. So the interview process and entry process for these technologies will be much higher.

Web development is simple and complex, so you can start small and improve

In web development, there are simple tasks that can be done and that can grow complex with client-side MVC frameworks like Node and Angular. However, a recent graduate can begin with simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CMS tools and gradually learn the latest technologies such as Node, Angular, and other high-paying technologies.

So you can learn much less than machine learning and big data to get a job and then start mastering complex technologies. Whereas if you are looking for a job in machine learning or big data, you need to know the subject and products deeper.

So if you want to go with some deep analysis rather than the buzzword, Web development is a better career choice if you are a fresh graduate or engineering student looking to get your first job.

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