Can India produce world class IT product companies with its claim of great coders?

Early Stage Resources in Indian IT Industry

Indian IT Industry started very good about 2 decades back, When large companies like Infosys, Wipro and TCS used to hire only IIT toppers and NIT/REC Toppers. I am from NIT Warangal and not even allowed to write Infosys written test as I dont have their cutoff 70% Marks. And during the early 90s and late 90s most of the IT companies were doing hard core development work and the bench mark for Engineers was very high.

During those days IT industry

a) was a highest paying new industry and
b) most of the Engineers are from high ranking colleges or toppers from other colleges.
c) Employees used to stay longer in the companies. Even now Wipro kind of companies have employees who have been working for more than 10 years.

That is one of the reasons the initial companies that have set up in India were hard core product development and R&D centers.
IBM Global Services was one of the highest paid companies doing R&D in the initial days. Wipro Global R&D is a special division that has very high recruitment standards very early in life. Infosys never used to take less than 70% consistent scoring grads even from NITs.
And companies like Verifone, CyberCash, Intel, Philips etc all have their core R&D / Product Development out of Bangalore.

Later Stage Post 2000 / 2005 Resources in IT Industry

But the major shift came when they have to expand and grow the companies. They could not get the quality resources they were getting during early 90s and till late 90s. And companies in US and other countries started giving other works to these companies after seeing their early successes. The next generation crowd from the colleges that are started by corrupt political system in India never had the standards of an Engineering College and have churned graduates who cannot understand coding.

I think companies are not really getting good resources and the 4 years of Engineering stay in many colleges is not adding any value to the individual and is hitting hard on the companies. So companies are settling for the work that these graduates can make. If they openly tell about their skills, most of these people just move to other companies due to free availability of jobs, rather than doing something about it.
I think it is not the companies to blame but the resources. The human resources we produced are of low quality in the last one decade and the companies have degraded from high quality jobs to low quality jobs.

To be world class Product Company or Services Company

If you want to produce world class products or services, you need to have solid foundation in resources. And this solid foundation comes in their education and early job years. A good foundation in Engineering and solid experience of 5 years in a single company in a single technology or domain is the need for producing a product or great service. Now a fresh graduate working in a company for 5 continuous years with intense focus on technology and domain is a rare commodity. So building a world class product or services company out of India is not an easy task.

So companies should work on building a culture of this solid foundational years for the fresh graduates they are recruiting (of course those who really have the right / great Engineering graduation prior to this) and facilitate this.

Now the high quality jobs are shifting to Easter European countries and Latin American countries as they get seasoned professionals with average stay in a company that is much higher than India.
And most of Indian companies are replacing senior employees in India by not so senior employees in those destinations because their average stay in the company and focussed professional job delivery is better than India.

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