Understanding Employability as a Fresh Graduate

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Founder-of-SimpleSkills Bengaluru

Mr Ram Kumar L K

Mr Ram Kumar L K, the founder of SimpleSkills, will help you gain a deep understanding of the concept of employability. With over 20 years of experience in building workforces for the IT industry, he has been a leader in employer branding and providing the right skills and expertise to fresh graduates. Even today, a majority of the employees (with a ratio of 70:30) are fresh graduates who gain industry training, real-time learning, and pure skill development as they explore the industry.

Prashanth- Branding Officer of SimpleSkills Bengaluru

Mr Prashanth Ranganath

Mr Prashanth, the Branding Officer of SimpleSkills, has an extensive background working with top educational institutions like Unigauge, QS I-GUAGE, Era Foundation, Ramaiah Group, Vogue Institute, Educational Promotional Society of India (EPSI), ComedK, and more. Currently, he plays a crucial role as the Chief Branding Officer of Simple Skills and will guide you through various aspects of employability needs.

Akshay Vallabh the Concept Creator of SimpleSkills Bengaluru

Mr Akshay Vallabh

During the webinar, Mr Akshay Vallabh, the Concept Creator, will join as a guest speaker. Drawing insights from his YouTube show 'NXT Step and Beyond,' he will emphatically emphasize the importance of pausing, thoughtful thinking, and then proactively taking a step before landing a job or making a career decision. Through his valuable insights, attendees will be empowered with effective strategies for successful career planning.

What is Employability?

Employability encompasses a wide range of factors that determine an individual’s ability to secure and sustain employment. These factors include qualifications, skills, knowledge, attitude, adaptability, and more. Our mentor, Mr Ram Kumar L k guides us in understanding the significance of employability.

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