Learn English and Communication skills with our immersive training

Become an expert in English writing, reading, speaking and Communication skills with our spoken English and Communication skills training.

Course curriculum

English and Communication skills program enables the learner to improve English writing, reading, and speaking skills. This course is designed with different learning objectives like

  • Reading and Summarization of professional books
  • Reading The Hindu newspaper
  • Practicing grammar books
  • Attending for punctuation tests
  • Practicing Reading Comprehension
  • Participating in Articulation
  • Participating in JAM sessions
  • Watching the pronunciation videos
Reading and Summarization of professional books:

Reading books is the most effective way to improve English language skills. Reading professional books improves vocabulary, and reading speed. Summarizing each professional book improves writing skills.

Reading The Hindu newspaper:

Reading The Hindu newspaper loudly will make learners gain vocabulary, and improve reading skills. Articulating one article from The Hindu newspaper on a daily basis will improve speaking skills and communication skills.

Practicing Grammar Books:

Grammar is the key to speak in English fluently and confidently. Practicing grammar books from basic level to advanced level improves the quality of spoken and written English.

Attending for punctuation tests:

Correct usage of punctuation marks will make writing easier to read and understand. Attending the punctuation tests and reviewing the test results will help to proper usage of punctuation.

Practicing Reading Comprehension:

Practicing reading comprehension from basic levels to advanced levels makes learners increase their reading speed and accuracy. Learners are able to observe their performance in graphs by the provided software.

Participating in articulation sessions:

Participating in articulation and review sessions every day will make candidates acquire the speaking skills and soft skills.

Participating in JAM sessions:

Participating in JAM sessions every day will make candidates improve their communication skills and provide the utmost confidence.

Watching the pronunciation videos:

Watching the pronunciation videos and practicing the recommended exercises will help to get a good accent quickly.

Program Duration

Duration:  45days

Time: 8:30AM to 8:30 PM