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6 Months Learning + 90 Days Career Coaching

At SimpleSkills, our career coaching team helps you get the job. Our purpose-driven framework includes six months of daily articulation sessions that help you confidently answer technical and non-technical questions in interviews and 90 days of targeted search for companies that suit your skills. 

Everyday Articulation Sessions

We conduct every day articulation sessions with a group of 6 to 8 candidates that help you fine tune your interview answering skills. The fear of public speaking or speaking to a new person in English may be blocking you from reaching your full potential as an engineer. And these every-day articulation sessions for six months help you practise articulation to get rid of the fear. Our experienced facilitators help you prepare for scenarios that could come up in your interviews.

Career Coaching

Many graduates from rural backgrounds may not understand the unwritten laws of the corporate world that are observed during the interviews. Our strong partnership with leading HR and leadership trainers helps groom the candidates preparing for the corporate world. This career coaching strengthens their understanding of the meaning of “career.” We help them feel comfortable talking about their resume, skills, etc.

SimpleSkills Job Guarantee

Our six-month learning programme is designed to provide you with the skills and tools necessary to get a software development job. We guarantee you that you will get a job within 3 months of successfully completing our program, or we will absorb you into our company and extend your learning.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru job guarantee

We provide each learner of our immersive program with job readiness training

Articulation sessions

Articulation sessions

Every day, articulation sessions help learners communicate what they know well to the interviewer. These sessions build up the confidence so well it will be natural for you to answer interviewer questions.

Learning presentations

Learning presentations

Providing candidates with frequent presentation opportunities enables them to hone their skills and knowledge, which can boost their confidence and preparation for job interviews.

Technical performance reviews

Technical performance reviews

Senior software professionals frequently evaluate the learners’ knowledge of the software technologies that they have learned in an interview format, which helps the candidate experience the interview process.

Tie up with employers

Tie up with employers

SimpleSkills has tied up with companies that require Web Technologies Professionals and also our Career Team constantly evaluates and engages with multiple companies for Career Support.

Timeframe for job

Timeframe for job

An average of 3 months is required for job seekers to find the right job after completing a training course. However, some individuals may find a job more quickly, while others may take a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months to get the right job in their desired field.

Salaries that can be expected

Salaries that can be expected

After successfully completing the six-month course, learners can expect to be highly sought after by employers in the IT industry. With their newfound skills and knowledge, they will be able to command salaries in the range of Rs. 25,000 and above, which is the industry average for skilled IT professionals

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Intensive Internship for Engineering Students ​

Intensive Internship for Engineering Students

Experience how companies work with employees and bring skills to your resume before your first interview. This 2-month intensive internship is aimed at grooming 1st and 2nd year engineering students towards job readiness.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Become Software Developer in 6 Months

Become Software Developer in 6 Months

Getting your first job after graduation requires hard skills and competencies. This programme helps graduates get the required hard skills for the job by practicing them under the guidance of software developers. A strong foundation for a long career requires six months of focus.


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