1.What are the technical qualifications required ?

Ans:  We assume the candidate has interest in doing a software job and has an Engineering Degree or MCA for software development career. An exposure to coding is a plus but not necessary. However basic English Language skills are required.


2. What are the non technical qualifications required ?

Ans:  A candidate must be honest and should be serious and passionate about getting the job and following the rules of the program.


3.What does SimpleSkills look for in Applications ?

Ans: Prior industry or academic experience is not required. We assume you have reading and writing capabilities. And rest of it will be developed over a period of 4 to 8 weeks and then remaining we development practices.

4. What are the non technical qualifications required for SimpleSkills applicants ?

Ans: Applicants should be passionate about getting the job and should be able to follow the instructions during the program.

5.How do I begin with the admission process ?

Ans: The admission process begins with filling the application form, paying the application fee of Rs 590 (including tax) and attending an evaluation process. The evaluation process will be comprehensive and might take half day. Once the evaluation process is over, our team will let you know whether you are eligible for admission or not. If you are eligible for the admission, we will give you 1 week time to pay the fee and join on a Monday or Wednesday . If the candidate is not eligible we will give him a few reading tasks for the one month and further evaluation.

6. What is the policy on missing class days for special reasons, wedding, trips etc ?

Ans: You are required to be present from 9:00AM to 7:00PM Monday to Saturday. Attendance at all sessions, exercises and assignments are mandatory. Excusing absence is not possible in most of the cases.

7. I am interested, but very little programming exposure. What shall I do?

Ans: We do not expect you to have programming exposure but we expect you to have an ability to read and write in English language. If you are able to read English we can bring you to the programming level over a period of time.

8.When does the next batch start ?

Ans: There is no batch concept in this SimpleSkills program. Everyone has his own plan to build the skills and learn programming. So you can join either the next Monday or Wednesday.

9. Can I come and Visit your center ?

Ans: Everyone is welcome to come and visit our center at Bengaluru. However detailed evaluation of the candidate is mandatory if you want to join.

10. How many students are in each batch ?

Ans: Our facility can accommodate upto 24 students at any given moment of time. That is supported by One Technology Learning Head, One HR Head and 2 to 4 developers who act as facilitators. It is supported by a good library.

11. Can I call you or drop by to Talk ?

Ans: We have a small staff and usually busy with our regular works with the students during the day time. Because of this we have created a info session every Tuesday between 5:30PM to 8:30PM for whoever wants to visit us and wants to personally know more about our program. Monday is a holiday for our facility at Bengaluru. You can also visit us on any Sunday with a prior appointment on the phone. If you want more information you can also send an email to info@simpleskills.in

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