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Students and Graduates who complete our program leave not only with solid technical skills but with great professional attitude and communication capabilities.
The combination of professionalism, technical skills and communication competencies make our hiring partners benefit productivity from day one.


Practical cutting edge full Stack skills

Technology is changing rapidly and companies are not having the training eco-system to train the employees. And Employees do not have the money to get trained.
The only solution for this is employees learning on a continuous basis. SimpleSkills graduates are capable of learning new technologies and skills on their own and as part of this exercise they have learned many technical skills. These technical skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL and Programming concepts. These skills are enhanced with many tools and applications that are being used in web development area these include Chrome Developer Tools, PHPMyAdmin, GitHub etc.
Our graduates are masters of latest web development technologies.

Passionate Programmers

Our intense learning program makes the graduates read many books on technology and professionalism which improve their comprehensive significantly above others. They have programmed thousands of lines of programs in JavaScript and PHP. This also improves their problem solving and debugging abilities.

Real World Ready

SimpleSkills graduates learn to code using the same development tools the real world software engineers do on the job. They also experience this programming on the applications that are being used and developed by companies in the industry. Thus they come with exposure to the applications that are in the industry and the tools used by the real world programmers. This makes them ready to produce from day one.

Life Long Learners

The key element of immersive learning program is to bring their adult learning capabilities to the front and use them to learn hard technical skills. This makes them lifelong learners of new things that are required for the job.

Communication Skills

Our Program is highly collaborative learning experience which includes daily articulations sessions, daily and weekly productivity email updates. These regular exercises make them competent in writing and speaking skills. The hard technical skills with the communication skills make them productive from day one in web development work area.
Meet SimpleSkills graduates before they hit the job market.

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