How can an inexperienced student stand out when looking for a job?

Being modern in your own field will fetch a job easily for an inexperienced student.
For a student “Being Modern” is not about how you dress but how latest you are about your “Educational Qualification” and and how latest you are about the developments happening in your industry.
Let us say you have Degree in computer science and you learned the subject to really understand the subject but not to pass the exams, you are far better than others in the queue.
Now on top of that if you learn the subjects by reading more books than prescribed in the curriculum you have a better chance against the others.
And now more importantly if you experiment and explore a few of the latest technologies in your own domain and expose your self to the practical aspects your chances are brighter.
If you are looking for a job in IT and your curriculum mandates you to learn C++ language and Object Oriented Analysis and Design, go and identify the best books in these topics and read.
Read them to learn the subject and not to pass the exam. And write as many programs as possible in C++ language.
Instead of writing 100 programs with 40 to 50 lines of code, write a 4000 lines of program and then expand to 20000 lines of code.
Then you understand the nuances of programming and this gives you an edge against your other inexperienced students.

And to write 20000 lines of code you need to think on creating something out of your brain.
In a way this approach gives the interviewing person an ability to sense your “Learning Ability” and “Doing Ability”. And companies just want “Learning Ability” and “Doing Ability” and all the interviewers are going to look for these two traits in you. And no company can create a training facility to train individuals on what to do because it is continuously changing.

Most of the time instead of developing these two qualities in us, we try to manipulate the system by learning what questions are asked in interviews, preparing for the questions asked in C++ or any other technology for that purpose.

So concentrate more on fundamentals and you will win. I may not have this kind of judgement when I was a student but I got my first job because I read more books on C++ and Unix than the interviewer (out of my fear for not getting the job). And I have written more experimental programs to execute what I have read in those books.

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