Master Class on Employability Basics for Engineers

Workshop – 2 Hour 30 Minute Session Followed By 1 Hour Question and Answer Session

Workshop Objective
  • Presenting a workshop that will provide the fundamentals of employability, together with limitations and caveats on the Engineering Education in India.
  • Understanding the different types of Jobs that are available and the type of skills that are required to get the job.
  • Emphasis will be on the foundations of employability In Engineering and Software Development.
  • Why significant number of Engineers are getting call centre jobs and Support Jobs.
  • The skills and knowledge that fetches you non Engineering jobs like Call Centre and Support jobs.
  • Why many of the engineers are not moving beyond the support jobs.
  • The attitude and college atmosphere that is moving Engineers closure to call centre and support jobs and moving you away from software development jobs.
    What attitude and atmosphere you can build among your friends, classmates and college that fetches you core engineering jobs and software jobs.

Is there really a recession that affects a Fresh Graduate employability ?
Or because of recession do fresh engineers get more jobs or less jobs ?

Fee : Rs 30,000 /-
Class Can accommodate upto 100 Students and venue should be provided by the college.

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