Our Story

Who We are

SimpleSkills is in the area of education and career transformation, specialising in today’s in-demand comprehensive skills. We are a company in software development industry for over a decade. As a company we interviewed 100s of graduates desperately looking for simple skills that enable us to bring him into a professional. But our desperation used to give us 2 to 4 resources out of the 400+ odd graduates we used to interview in off campus and campus drives. We come from a background that companies in every industry are desperate for employees and they search for affordable and competent employees to compete in the global technologically upgraded industries.
We also have seen 100s of young graduates who apply and come for interviews with our company as well as many other companies. And a few of them are hired and a significant part of them go back home without a job. They do not typically know why they could not get the job and what can they do after going back to home to ensure they get their next attempt. They do not know what is meant by a skill and how to acquire it and what hard skills are in demand and to achieve those hard skills what soft skills you need to posses.

SimpleSkills originated to bring the skill gap that exists in the graduates and make them available to the companies that are desperately looking to hire them.

What We Do
  • We educate individuals on the vital hard skills that are required for the industry and give them the soft skills that allow them to achieve the hard skills.
  • We are bridging the gap between the job seekers and companies that are looking for talent and affordable skilled employees.
  • We facilitate and enable individuals to learn skills that enable them for life long.

how can we help you?

Contact us at SimpleSkills office nearest to you or submit inquiry online.

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