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SimpleSkills Bangalore Web Development and CRM

Become a Software Developer in 6 Months with Web Development and CRM

Getting your first job after graduation requires hard skills and competencies. This program helps graduates get the required hard skills for the job by practicing them under the guidance of software developers. A strong foundation for a long career requires 6 months focus.

SimpleSkills Bangalore Python and Tableau

Become a Software Developer in 6 Months with Python and Tableau​

Python is a language that has libraries that helps in Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. This unit helps in making in roads into the Python form the perspective and programming and depth of the language in statistical representation libraries.

SimpleSkills Bangalore Internship

Intensive Internship for Engineering Students

Experience how companies work with employees and bring skills to your resume before your first interview. This 2-month intensive internship is aimed at grooming 1st and 2nd year engineering students towards job readiness.

SimpleSkills Bangalore Improve English Communication

Improve English Communication in 4 Weeks Full Time

If you think your job interviews are not up to your potential due to lack of English communication, this course helps you build the requisite skills with immersive practice for 4 weeks. You can boost your chances of getting your job with the next interview.

SimpleSkills Bangalore Master class on Employability

Master class on Employability basics for Engineers

If you want to successfully transition from student to employee, learn how to build and showcase the skills that employers are looking for and how to prepare a resume and an interview.

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