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The Framework

Data Sciences Career Track is 12 months intensive program that makes a person master of Statistics, Data Sciences, Python and Tableau with extensive set of Exercises and Mentoring.

This course includes

1. Fundamentals of Employability, Professionalism, Comprehension and Communication Skills – 4 Weeks
2. HTML, CSS and JavaScript Fundamentals – 4 Weeks
3. Fundamentals of Data, Excel and MySQL – 2 Weeks
4. Preparing for Data Sciences – Statistics, Regular Expressions and R Programming – 2 Weeks
5. Programming with Python and MysQL – 4 Weeks
6. Mastering tableau with examples and practice – 6 Weeks

Unit 1 : Employability Fundamentals - 4 Weeks​

This unit covers the skills that are expected from any Employee by the Industry. Unlike the olden days certain things are now mandatory to get employment. If you do not have these skills there is no chance to pass the initial screening itself. Henceforth this module brings you to the minimum expectation level of the employer.
It covers Employability Skills, Professionalism, Attitude, Communication Skills both written and oral On top of that with the everyday articulation sessions, interview attending skills will be enhanced

Unit 2 : HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Web development Framework - 4 Weeks

  • Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript and building web pages
  • Introduction to Linux Commands and Apache Web Serve
  • Building 15 Web Forms to understand how HTML, CSS and JavaScript works
  • This is essential as most of the Data Analytics related graphs need to be made part of a Web Application

Unit 3 : Data, Excel and MySQL Fundamental - 2 Weeks

Most of the analysis is done on data so an comprehensive understanding of data and how it is captured, represented and stored is essential before getting into data Science.

  • Understand Data and its various representation
  • Understand Excel and its various manipulation for slicing  and dicing of data
  • Understand how Data is represented from Database Perspective and get a hands-on exposure to MySQL Database

Unit 4 : Fundamentals of Statistics, Regular Expressions and R programming - 2 Weeks​

An understanding of Statistics helps the Data Science professional to know how data can be represented in graphical format. And regular expressions play a very important role in searching and replacing required data in large / big data scenarios.

  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Statistics from the perspective of a Data Scientist
  • Regular Expressions
  • R Programming Language

Unit 5 : Programming with Python and MySQL - 4 Weeks

Python is a language that has libraries that helps in Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. This unit helps in making in roads into the Python form the perspective and programming and depth of the language in statistical representation libraries.

  • Understand Python Programming completely and Use Command Line to build a massive program that works with MySQL Database
  • Master Programming and Coding Best Practices
  • Building a 5000 Line Command Line Program to ensure all Programming Concepts are clear
  • Build Examples to use Python Libraries that are relevant to Data Analysis

Unit 6 : Mastering Tableau with Examples and Practice - 6 Weeks

  • Master the Fundamentals of Tableau from End User perspective
  • Develop Multiple simulated exercises with large data representation in Tableau

Career Assistance and Project - 0 to 12 Weeks

Identify the companies that are working Data Analytics field and prepare the resume with the assistance of SimpleSkills Career Development Team.

To ensure all the learnings are experimented practically, prepare and develop a project on Data Analytics using Python and Tableau which helps in keeping up with the subject as well as getting an opportunity with the interviewer to talk more about the Technology.

Soft Skills

A comprehensive set of soft skills will be acquired by the candidates through a structured but rigorous daily articulation and review process. These sessions will help the candidate confidently answer questions during the interviews.

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