Improve your English with our 4 week Immersive Program

Many competent engineers are at a disadvantage during an IT job interview if they do not speak English well. SimpleSkills communication improvement framework helps engineers speak confidently in job interviews.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Improve your English

Lack of communication skills is perceived as lack of confidence

Speaking decent English is considered as one of the most desired soft skill in IT recruitment

Poor language Skills may cost you that dream job

English communication skills are essential for succeeding in job interviews and in the professional world. Poor language skills may be perceived as lack of confidence and you may be rejected in the job interviews even though you have requisite engineering and programming skills.

Better Job Opportunities

Being proficient in English language means, you are able to express yourself clearly and effectively. Since a significant work in IT industry is done across the borders, English skills are considered important. And most IT job interviews are conducted in English. So better English gives you better job opportunities.

Avoid wrong judgements based on language.

A great first impression is key to standing out in a job interview and getting the job you want. Lack of English skills may trouble you in making the first impression as well as talking confidently about the topics that you know well. This puts a wrong judgement in the interviewer mind. By improving your English speaking skills you can avoid this.

Improve English in 4 Weeks/1 Month

Group discounts are available for 3 and more candidates

One Month Fee

Per Candidate


Uniquely designed for confident English communication

Intensive and Fulltime

Our program is full time and intensive in practice. This program is designed to help you quickly master the language and become confident in English speaking abilities. With our comprehensive curriculum and simple exercises, we guarantee you will speak English language easily.

Smaller Teams/ Batches

Our batches are very small with 6 to 8 students maximum to give attention individually. Especially the daily articulation sessions give lot of opportunity to candidates to speak in front of audience improving confidence.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Program includes grammar, punctuation and speaking skills practice. It gives a boost to your existing English knowledge and with practice of all three, confidence to speak will drastically improves.

Completely offline

We have many free course and YouTube videos on how to improve your English language skills. However they need motivation and individual inspiration to learn on your own. Our program is completely offline and you will learn along with the mentors and practice with other similar candidates.


Six reasons to join SimpleSkills Program

I have joined SimpleSkills for Digital Marketing program. It has helped me to build my career strongly in this field. I have also worked and improved my communication skills by attending articulation sessions etc. I have also improved my body language which makes me more presentable now in public gatherings. Lastly, I want to thank SimpleSkills for helping me to build my career.

Balu Yalla

SimpleSkills is a good platform to enhance our career in IT field and It will help us to learn, comprehend and articulate. SimpleSkills helped me to improve my communications skills and technical skills. Articulation sessions will help us getting a job and help us to grow in career and as we have taken training 12 hours per day we are able to balance our work and life easily. 

Durga Sarojini

I have joined SimpleSkills for Digital Marketing program. This Program has helped me to open doors for different career option and nurture in it. Other than learning and practicing Digital Marketing I have improved my communication skills by attending articulation sessions, JAM sessions etc. As the program is Job oriented I am Offered a Job to make my career more fruitful.

Divya Sudha Pragallapati

I have joined in their communication program and it has helped me a lot. Before joining here I was unable to speak fluently and used to have stage fear. My written skills are also not that good. But their articulation exercises has helped me to come out of my stage fear. Now I am able to give presentations in seminars at my college and my written skills are also improved a lot. SimpleSkills is the best place if some one wants to improve their English communication.

G V K S Abhinav

I have joined in SimpleSkills for Digital Marketing program. It has enhanced my career in this field. The articulation session helped me a lot in improving my communication skills and reading speed. Thank you SimpleSkills.

Manasa Veerina

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