Internships for Engineers that can make you job ready

Gain work experience to help you stand out in a job interview. SimpleSkills intensive internship helps engineering students gain skills that industry expects them to have. And they get a chance to practice those skills.

Develop your mind and skills

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Internships for Engineers

Gain confidence during an internship

Experience the real world setup

An internship is the best opportunity to understand how real-world companies work. It gives you an idea of how work is different from academics. The different tasks assigned to you during your internship help you improve your hard skills and soft skills.

Build Confidence

The transition from student to professional is full of excitement and anxiety. But an internship familiarises you with interactions with a company and its employees. This boosts confidence when applying for jobs and answering interview questions.

Build a strong Resume/CV

When you apply for a job, preparing a resume is a major step. An internship helps fill the resume with something you have learned and experienced. And it helps the interviewer spend more time in areas of which you are aware and experienced.

Grow your skills and prepare for your career

Foundation Course - For 1st Year Students 

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Business and job is all about communicating what you know and what you have done. If you know something and you are not able to communicate, it is as good as you don’t know. Every day articulation sessions and status report emails helps you to improve your communication skills by practice.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Attitude and Professionalism

Attitude and Professionalism

Most IT firms work with multinational corporations, and many of the engineers come from agrarian or semi-rural backgrounds. Understanding the need for professionalism and enabling them to practice it helps them in job interviews.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Data, Excel and MySQL

Data, Excel and MySQL

Most software applications deal with data and information. Understanding the fundamentals of data and storing it in multiple storage mechanisms like files Google Sheets, Excel, and databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others are important.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Started With HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Getting Started With HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is an essential starting point for becoming a Web Developer. These three technologies form the backbone of most modern websites and web applications. Our training is designed to help beginners gain a solid understanding of these technologies and start building web pages and basic applications.

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Why SimpleSkills​

Why SimpleSkills

SimpleSkills is producing outcome-driven tech skills and knowledge to improve employability among engineering students and graduates.  A comprehensive programme is designed, executed, and delivered by IT software professionals rather than academicians and trainers.


Two Months Duration

Volume discounts if same college students join together

Full Time

9 am To 7 pm Monday To Friday
9 am To 1 pm On Saturday

Certificate of Completion will be given after the internships finished

SimpleSkills Bengaluru Investing for your future career
An Internship worth investing for your future career.

Internship - Intermediate

Internship - Advanced

Our Team

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Learner Testimonials


This is Vipin, a 2nd-year ECE student from Christ University, Bangalore. I have completed my 2-month academic internship at SimpleSkills, Bangalore. As an intern, I loved doing my internship there, as I got to learn a great deal about the ERP and CRM platforms. I received training in all the SugarCRM and Odoo modules, which included creating modules and applications using the administrative tools. I also got to develop HTML pages while simultaneously coding in Python for projects. I am happy that I got more exposure and hands-on experience in real-time application in such a short span of time.

Vipin Eldose

Simpleskills Successful intern
SimpleSkills Bangalore Odoo and SugarCRM Intern

My name is Swetha Manjaly. I am a BSC first-year student from Christ University. As part of my curriculum, I am supposed to do a one-month internship in the first year of the second semester. I have done my internship at SIMPLESKILLS. I learned a lot as an intern. People were very nice and supportive. I gained a lot of valuable experience as an intern since I got to learn about various software skills like Odoo, SugarCRM, and Python. Professionally, the internship has enabled me to lay a solid foundation. I’ve developed new skills that will help me in the future and enhance my career opportunities.

Swetha Manjaly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Internship Programs

1.Do I need to pay for the internship at SimpleSkills ?

Ans: Yes. We charge for the internship and interns need to pay the fee as per the price mentioned on the website.

2.How can I apply for the internship ?

Ans: To get in touch with us, simply fill out the Contact Us form on our website and our executive will give you a call. Alternatively, you can visit our office by scheduling an appointment with us


3.Can we do internship in 1st year of Engineering ?

3.Can we do internship in 1st year of Engineering ?


4. Do you provide internships for students from non engineering background ?

Our internships are currently focused on the IT sector, but we welcome all engineering graduates who are interested in learning from this field


5.Do you provide internship for core engineering areas like Civil, Mechanical etc ?

Ans: Our internships as of now are in IT sector only. But all engineering graduates are eligible for the internship provided they are interested in learning from IT sector area.


6.I do not know anything about computers and programming. Can I apply for this internship?

Ans: Certainly you can apply. Our internships do not expect you the person to have through knowledge of programming. But if you have some programming language knowledge, it helps you to go deeper into the internship.


7.Can I do the internship remotely ?

Ans: We have provided remote internships earlier but our interns learn a lot about employability skills when they are on the premise at our office. On a case to case basis, depending on the commitment we receive from the candidate, we may consider a remote internship but that requires the intern to visit our office and appear personally .


8.What can I expect during my internship with SimpleSkills ?

Ans : Our engineering internships in IT gives you an opportunity to experience how IT companies work in real world.  You also  learn to apply your skills or you learn skills that are being looked in by companies that recruit freshers.

9. What do I gain after my internship ?

Ans: You gain skills that will help you in attending your job interviews. You will be able to add the skills you learned during internship in your resume.

10. Do I get a job after I finish my internship ?

Ans: Our internships facilitate a candidate to improve his chances of getting a job in IT sector as a fresh engineer. However our full time 6 months programs help students get a job after finishing the program successfully.

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