Software developer career track on web development with LAMP stack

The Framework

This 12 months course provides learners with a breadth of web development skills. Enabling them to build a full stack application on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP Stack).

The course is built on a broader spectrum of Web Technologies that include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript apart from the LAMP Stack. Since the course is designed by 12 years of practical software development experience of the founders, the learners graduate with a solid base of fundamental programming knowledge, experience with specific web technologies and frameworks that are popular today.

The course framework makes the learner, learn new technologies and prepares him for the fast moving and ever changing IT industry. Because we are focused on preparing our learners for a career in software development, each learner graduate with knowledge, practical experience and ability to articulate the knowledge and practical experience in the interviews.

Who Can Apply
Career Changers

For individuals looking to transition into a technical career, this course provides supporting team members and a set of skills necessary to turn your thoughts into web applications that will serve as a pillar of your job search. Those who have worked hard for some lucrative government jobs but could not succeed and now want to join their contemporaries in software field, can park their 6 months time with our program to ensure you acquire the requisite skills for software career.

Graduate Engineers

For those who have recently graduated from an engineering college and are looking for an efficient pathway to a technical career, this course provides a set of skills that can serve as a foundation for a career in web development and other technical related disciplines.

International Students

Graduates from other countries can apply and we will check on the Visa Possibility based on the country where you are staying.

Our Program
Unit 1 : Communication Skills and Employability Skills
  • 1 Month for people who can read, write and speak English Well.
  • 3 Months for those who are not comfortable with English Language – (Candidates who does not have comfort in English Language should spend 2 months more than the 6 Months Specified for the program )
  • Objective is to understand why significant number of engineers are not getting jobs even though there are many jobs in the market. Understand and prepare with Soft Skills and improving comprehension and learning abilities. Making each learner understand the difference between knowledge and skill and preparing them for Skill Development.
Unit 2 : Building Fundamentals in Web Development Framework
  • Introduction to Data, Excel, Database and MySQL.
  • Introduction to Linux , Commands and Apache Web Server.
  • Introduction to PHP and Writing Simple Command Line Programs in Linux Environment.
Unit 3 : Programming with MySQL and PHP
  • Understand more on Database and MySQL and Create many tables and populate the database with data.
  • Understand PHP Programming completely and Use Command Line to build a massive program that works with MySQL Database.
  • Master Programming and Coding Best Practices
  • Building a 5000 Line Command Line Program to ensure all Programming Concepts are clear.
Unit 4 : Mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Master the Fundamentals and HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Develop Multiple forms and Host them online to ensure we understand how websites and forms are hosted online.
  • Develop a Massive Project using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Get Introduced to Bootstrap and YUI
  • Build a massive application on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
Unit 5 : Building and Working with Web Applications and their Deployment
  • Introduction to LAMP Stack Applications like Joomla, WordPress and SugarCRM. Mastering , Configuring these applications and modifying them and deploying them on the cloud.
  • Understanding Laravel framework and build an application from scratch and deploy them. Understand Responsiveness
Unit 6 : Comprehensive Project with Deployment

Prepare a Project Requirement and Develop and host on a deployment platform. This can be used to show case in the interviews and internships. The project continues till you get a job to ensure each candidate is in touch with the programming and software development skill.

Soft Skills :

Comprehensive set of soft skills will be acquired by the candidates through a structured but rigorous every day articulation and review sessions. These sessions will help the candidate to answer questions that he/she knows confidently during the interviews.

Who Can Apply

Graduate Engineers who Wants to enter into Software Development Careers

Program Duration

Duration: 6 Days a Week for 12 Months
Time : 8:30AM to 8:30 PM

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