Switching job for money after an year and its impact on my future career?

There is a simple rule that you need to follow.

Job Change is not a big thing if you are being looked for “Operational”, “Maintenance” and “Repetitive” Jobs.
And frequent job changes automatically make you suitable for such jobs.

A typical stay by any fresh graduate in a company in US is 5 to 8 years ( An American). But US is an advanced country and educated people have no problem maintaining their life style with their entry level industry standard jobs.
But in India we have more responsibilities and the tendency of poor and middle class people is to jump jobs for money or other reasons.

To answer your question, if you are in the operational jobs, maintenance jobs or call center kind of jobs, job hopping with the frequency you mentioned is common and nobody brands you as job hopper.
However for Software Development or other complex jobs companies might brand you as a job hopper.

For example, in our company we do not even process a person’s resume if he has not stayed in all of his earlier companies for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. Especially for senior roles, a 5 year stay in a company is a must before we proceed with interviewing.

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