What matters more, seeking Job Security or ensuring Employability?

In today’s world, the concept of job security is slowly going away. Go and ask who has job security now. The only place where job security is available now is in the government sector, but the government and its officers are depending on the private sector to deliver what they want. They themselves realized they could not depend on government employees to deliver what they wanted.

And in the private sector, there is no concept called “job security”. If you are skilled and responsible, you are on the job. But when there is a boom in the market, you can always blame the company, say that it is not good, and go to another job. Otherwise, if you have employability skills, the private sector generally does not want to lose you.

In today’s world, employability means continuously acquiring new skills or the latest skills in your field so that your employer can use your existing or new skills to ensure you are resourceful to the organization.

Thinking of job security in today’s world is like going from Bangalore to Singapore in a bullock cart.

Employability is the only source of job security for you, and there is nothing called a company that gives you job security. They can only use your employability skills to keep you on the job.

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