Why are freshers struggling in India to find jobs in spite of the IT growth?

I think it is not true that freshers are struggling in India. But the industry is struggling due to a lack of working attitude among freshers.

In the last 2 months, we have extensively done campus pool drives in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We have selected 170 people for the final selection process. So, out of 170 people, we could only choose seven, and that was without the happy smile that we had hired good people. It’s just a hunch that these candidates, to whom we must extend offer letters, have some potential.

Most of the graduates coming out of these colleges are “educated illiterates.” The word “educated illiterates” is an oxymoron. A literate person in a village reads the newspaper every day. He reads it to learn about his interest in politics and what is happening outside his village.

However, the majority of fresher graduates leave college having read no books other than textbooks or answers to the most frequently appearing questions on exams. The brains of the fresh graduates do not work if they do not know the test pattern. So they have never learned anything for the sake of education or learning. As long as fresh graduate does not know how to read a new book on technology and learn new technology, they are only fit for operational jobs like BPOs.

The IT industry in India has grown beyond the early days of the “The Year 2000” problem, where anyone could fit into the job. The current IT industry is working for the real solutions of world companies and needs brains who can think and brains who want to “learn to work” and “work to learn”. And today’s IT industry does not require fresh graduates who need the training to do the job; rather, it requires resources who are willing to learn and only needs mentoring.

As long as the fresh graduates do not read books to learn about new technologies and technologies that are not taught in the curriculum, they may not get a chance to join a company. Because technology is changing every month and every quarter, there is no infrastructure for training anyone in these new technologies. By the time any company creates a training system for any new technology, the technology might either have evolved into a new one or be completely outdated.

So there are tonnes and tonnes of jobs available in the IT industry, and the fresh graduates should generate interest in the software technologies, learn them on their own, and go to the interview.

The companies are really desperate to recruit people, but unfortunately, they do not recruit if they know they have to teach the fresh graduates to read books.

The best way for a recent graduate to land a job is to read a few books on technology, master its concepts, and write a few hundred programs in that area. Then companies will be desperate to hire them.

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