Why are today’s freshers leaving jobs so early even from reputed MNCs?

There are two types of people leaving jobs

1. Those who leave the jobs and go back to their home town and try to settle down in the area they like it. – These are the people who did not like their job or stress or something that is not helping them get motivated in their work place.
THIS IS A VERY RARE COMMODITY. I have seen only 5 such people in my known circle of influence spread over a period of 15 years in IT.

2. Those who leave jobs just because they could not understand what is meant by work and also they have another easy opportunity out there.
This crowd’s thinking is a little bit different. If there are not jobs outside for them they would not have quit saying “I did not like the job”.

The second type is the type that quits due to many reasons

1. First in many good MNCs they expect resources to be self learning and be on top of their technologies. More importantly they may not give too much of spoon feeding.
And now when the resource finds that he/she is not of the self learning type and cannot do the work that is coming his way, he understands at some point typically after 6 months to one year when you are expected to deliver some result, they would have to leave the company. And conveniently they apply somewhere and based on their acads and the name of the current company the new company HR will offer them a job. And they quit.
When they quit they will not tell any of their friends or colleagues that they were not able to cope up with work instead they tell the job is not good.

In our own company we have a case of a person who was not able to deliver any result instead can talk of new ideas every time we give a job to him. And we asked him to leave and then he could quickly get into a top cloud company in Bangalore. But exactly one year later he lost his job in that company. Had he identified his days of giving excuses are coming over early he would have applied for a new job before hand and moved. But this company being the best he may have little chances in getting in other companies because of his salary being high already.

2. Most of the time youngsters in India are fed by their parents and teachers that if they study hard their life after studies will be easy. But the MNCs and the top companies pay high for the people so that they work hard and produce better results.
It is like typical exam time of college replicated every day, week and month if a project is assigned to them. Suddenly they think it is stressful to work hard all along since they are habituated to work hard only once in 6 months.
And they also see much better people coolely working next to them. If their brain’s neural networks are hard wired only to work during exam time, they seek for lower level easy working areas and move on.
Definitely they leave the job that requires constant learning and practice.

3. Not too many mentors for freshers outside in their social circles
Most of the freshers who are getting into these MNCs are the one coming out of poor and lower middle class background where they dont even get a chance to talk to some senior IT employees who are also their relatives. In a way they either live with their own friends who are of the same level or their college juniors / seniors. They may not have a collective mental capacity to understand the long term and short term impact of their decision to quit.
And the peer pressure in the poor / lower middle class family is very high on getting more and more money and show off certain possessions for social status.
And they leave purely for money.

I think there are many such reasons which out wit even the best of the best MNC infrastructure, HR and other initiatives by companies.
In a way Indian companies get to work with still an “un organized” “poorly groomed” fresh graduates than a developed economy. And we are still an under developed country so we cannot expect great freshers at this stage of our growth.

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