Why SimpleSkills

Career Support for 3 to 6 months

Post completion of the program, you get support for 3 to 6 months to ensure you get the type of job that you prepared for which is Programming in nature. Experiencing a 6 to 9 months of corporate environment gives every candidate immense confidence in attending interviews and get the job.

Enable your mindset, Acquire Knowledge and Practice Skills for the Career

SimpleSkills program is designed to enable your mindset to acquiring knowledge and skill in the area that we have chosen. You get the skills that are required for the industry.

Continuous Soft Skill Training

Our Program is designed in such a way that every graduate gets a chance to speak every day thus enabling the articulation skills which will be useful in the interviews.

Comprehensive Hard Skill Set

LAMP Stack + HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery + Deployment. SimpleSkills framework is built on a complete hard skill set that enables you to learn Front End, Back End and Deployment Skill. The program enables each person to learn from development to deployment aspects of software Development.

Immersive Learning – 12 Hours Per Day 6 Days a Week for 6 Months

With today’s internet and smartphone revolution, there are too many distractions for graduates who are looking for job. So Immersive learning has become the de facto standard for learning anything concrete. So our program is designed in such a way that you concentrate on acquiring skills till you get a job without worrying too much about searching for job.


The Companies perspective towards fresh graduates has taken a strong change due to the frequent changes that they do. 15 to 20 years back most of the IT companies has a comprehensive training programs. They used to spend that kind of time and effort on fresh graduates as they used to stay 3 to 5 years minimum. But today all companies irrespective of their salaries, facilities etc see the employees leaving within one year. So the amount of investment companies spend has come down slowly steadily.

In future companies may just recruit only if you have Skill.

An educational institutes have deteriorated significantly in developing these graduates and are concentrating heavily on “Question and Answer” preparation.

When we look from company’s perspective, we see every company struggle to recruit the right candidates for their requirement. Whether recruiting a fresh graduate or an experienced lateral resource companies are struggling to get resources.

There are lots of college graduates who are looking for jobs and there are lot of companies looking for skilled resources.

There are lot of training institutes that are training on how to attend interviews and crack the interview process. They still focus on questions and answers mechanism for behaviour or technical knowledge.

But none of them gives the “Hard Skill” so that you can use your “Soft Skill” to get the job. Already the word “Soft Skills” has gone beyond repair and now a soft skills course for an Engineering Graduate is like a lipstick on a Pig. Even though you put the best of the best lipstick, pig is still a pig.

SimpleSkills is a platform that gives you the hard skill so that you require very less of soft skill or you will definitely get the soft skill without even specifically mentioning.

In a nutshell, SimpleSkills is the platform that guarantees your skill thus guaranteeing your employability.

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